Temporary do-it-yourself store Hubo


The Hubo do-it-yourself store in Zonhoven was due for remodelling. So, Groep Heeren, which operates 20 Hubo stores in Flanders, decided to build a completely new store on the site of the existing one. Groep Heeren needed a fast, efficient solution to allow it to continue serving its customers during the construction period. The temporary do-it-yourself store required retail space, warehouse, a timber department with a machine for sawing, and space for the staff. Since the temporary store would be used for a period of 1 year, it was important to create a pleasant indoor climate that would make shopping and working pleasant and comfortable.


Veldeman built a temporary do-it-yourself store, which covers almost 3,500 m², on the parking lot of the existing store. This comprises an entrance airlock/vestibule, a 15 m by 60 m aluminium hall, another measuring 25 m by 55 m, and a 30 m by 35 m flat roofed construction. The aluminium halls were fitted with a sturdy floor system, electric sliding doors, emergency doors with panic locks, electric roll-up gates, and a custom sliding gate. The combination of insulated structures with climate control ensures a pleasant shopping and working climate. The staff area, comprising a dining room, office space, dressing area and sanitary facilities, is housed in six units.