Compose your
own structure

In just 5 steps.

  • Customised to your project
  • That grows with your company
  • Which you can furnish just as you please

Limit less. Imagine more.

Discover The Boxx, a revolutionary structure that adapts to all circumstances. A structure that grows, with you and with your projects. A structure that gives you the building blocks to adapt it to your needs and those of your clients.

Not defined by fixed dimensions or characteristics. Easy to enlarge, to combine or to adapt to any possible interpretation.

Your imagination has no limits. Neither does The Boxx.

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And discover how The Boxx flexibly
adapts to your needs.

The Boxx

From product
to solution

We base our solution on your requirements, not on a set product. This is how we always create unique customised solutions.

The Boxx

A Veldeman+

The far-reaching service of Veldeman, with an extra touch. That is Veldeman+. Our service is broader than purely our reputable fabric structures. We are the single point of contact in your project, your partner who takes care of your project from A to Z.

Step 01

What do you want?

Tell us what you are looking for. Based on your requirements, the specifics of your project and the location, we will look for a solution that is perfect for you.

Step 02

We got it

We will set to work on your requirements and prepare a proposal. We try to translate your specific needs and wishes into an infrastructure with all the necessary specifications.

Step 03

We calculate it

If you approve our proposal, we will develop your tailor-made solution down to the finest detail. We map out all project-specific matters, calculate the rigging capacity and other specifications, and firm up everything in a final quotation and detailed development plan.

Step 04

We create it

After you have given the go-ahead and following a thorough final check, we will commence production and/or assembly of your unique structure.

Step 05

We stay on top of it

We will monitor your project intensively. Because we want you to get the best. From A to Z and beyond. Including after delivery, you can contact us for technical support, repairs, and maintenance.


The Boxx: a structure offering a thousand and one possibilities. Discover it yourself and be inspired.