Sports halls

Does your community or sports club want a new sports infrastructure or to cover a sports field? Then choose a top structure from veldeman.

Veldeman designs and builds high-quality custom sports halls for tennis, soccer, multisport or other sports. Thanks to the opening sidewalls you can enjoy an outdoor feeling in summer and be protected from cold, wind and rain in winter. The translucent fabric provides natural, uniform light and saves on energy bills. Our unique concept allows us to complete a project at very short notice, on new or existing sites. We offer a total solution that meets your specific needs, including lighting, heating, insulation and – if necessary – any foundation work.

Questions for a Veldeman advisor

Our professionals think along with you and are happy to shape your plans.

What are you looking for?

Whether it concerns event space, commercial space, logistics space, tent structures for tent rental companies, military shelters or sports halls, we always offer a (total) tailor-made solution.

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