Sports halls

Does your community or sports club want a new sports infrastructure or to cover a sports field? Then choose a top structure from veldeman.

Veldeman designs and builds high-quality custom sports halls for tennis, soccer, multisport or other sports. Thanks to the opening sidewalls you can enjoy an outdoor feeling in summer and be protected from cold, wind and rain in winter. The translucent fabric provides natural, uniform light and saves on energy bills. Our unique concept allows us to complete a project at very short notice, on new or existing sites. We offer a total solution that meets your specific needs, including lighting, heating, insulation and – if necessary – any foundation work.

Open or closed? The perfect solution with every kind of weather. In the summer, you can easily open the side walls and enjoy an outdoor feeling. In the winter, you are protected from cold, rain, wind and snow.

Compared to traditional sports halls, our solutions are up to 50% cheaper. Moreover, our structures can be used throughout the year, ensuring the profitability of your investment.

Our translucent fabric allows natural, uniform light to enter the structure. This allows you to save on lighting costs. Our sports halls can be insulated according to your requirements and local legislation, allowing you to save on heating costs.

We can install a structure over your sports ground very quickly, whether these are new or existing facilities. The foundations required are minimal. This not only saves you time, but also allows you to save on your budget.

Our structures meet the strictest of international construction standards and are highly wind- and snow-resistant. We guarantee you exceptional stability in compliance with local legislation.

Reducing the amount of waste and recycling is a major priority for Veldeman. Not only is the aluminium and steel 100% recyclable, but the PVC fabric can be fully recycled too.

Questions for a Veldeman advisor

Our professionals think along with you and are happy to shape your plans.

Our Veldeman+ service goes a step further

Our usual, highly-motivated, Veldeman service with an extra touch. That’s Veldeman+. Our service goes much further than just our renowned structures. Whether you call on us for a rental or sales project or purchase a tent from us as a tent rental company, we are your single point of contact, your partner who accompanies you from A to Z.

When you opt for Veldeman, you are choosing the benefits of the following comprehensive standard service package:

    • A fully elaborated and fully-functional solution, customised to meet your needs
    • Speed, flexibility and solution orientation
    • Full unburdening
    • Personal contact and accessibility
    • Professional guidance through every step of your project
    • Punctuality and proper fulfilment of agreements
    • +50 years of experience that we love sharing with you
    • Compliance with the highest quality and safety standards
  • Specifically for projects
    • Punctual project planning and coordination by our strong project organization
    • Certified, experienced and an accessible assembly team
  • Specific for sales
    • Availability of spare parts
    • Comprehensive after-sales service and technical support

In addition to the standard service package, we offer many extras. We are happy to offer the services below, where we go that extra step further.

Do you need additional furnishing or materials in or around your Veldeman solution? From furniture to fencing, we will take care of all the necessary extras to make your solution fully and smoothly operational.

Does your project require specific non-standard sizes? Is there a question of higher winds or heavier snow loads? Our in-house engineers are happy to create a custom design with all the necessary structural calculations.

From fire detection to camera surveillance, we offer a variety of services to make you feel even safer.

Do you want to ensure the quality of your Veldeman solution over the long-term? We will work closely with you to look into any additional maintenance services that might be helpful for your specific project.

Do you need additional assurances or an extension of the standard warranty? Our experienced staff will give you advice, specifically tuned to your solution.

Our approach

Simply tell us what you’re looking for. And we will find the ideal tailored solution for you, based on all your requirements and what is involved in your project and the location.

We will start with your query and work out a proposal. We translate your specific needs and wishes into infrastructure with all the necessary specifications.

If you approve our proposal, we will then work out your solution right down to the tiniest details. We map out all the project-specific issues, and create a detailed project plan.

After a thorough final check and your final ‘go’ we start production and/or assembly of your unique solution.

We follow your project closely at all times. Because we want you to get the best. From A to even after Z. After delivery you can also contact us at any time for technical support, repairs and maintenance.

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