Corporate space

There is an increasing demand for space, as a result of the corona crisis, the strong growth of e-commerce and changes in logistics supply chains. But how do you quickly create additional space for your business or organisation without sacrificing flexibility?

Flexibility in terms of capacity, flexibility in terms of location, flexibility in terms of time, flexibility in terms of financing… At Veldeman, our modular and demountable infrastructure delivers a fast, flexible and secure customised solution: temporary or structural, rental or purchase. Whether you need storage or work space, a temporary canteen, employee housing, an enclosure for installations, temporary accommodation for your school or hospital: we are happy to help.

Perhaps you don’t have the time to wait for a new building to solve your acute space problem. In optimal conditions, up to 1,000 m² per day can be installed. Would you like a solution that can be operational within a short period of time? Then a modular hall is definitely right for you!

It is sometimes difficult to predict the required capacity in advance. Do you want to increase or decrease the size of the space after a certain period of time? No problem. Thanks to its modular nature, our modular hall can be easily adapted to match the level of your activities. Plus, you can quickly break it down again when you no longer need it.

Thanks to its variable width, length and height, a modular hall can be perfectly tailored to your size. The a-shaped roof makes the centre higher than the side to create extra volume. The free span also ensures that there are no poles in the way.

You can build a modular hall in any location, including your own premises. An efficient solution that saves on transportation and handling costs. And if you need it in another location, it can be moved very easily.

Renting or purchasing a modular hall is significantly cheaper than a fixed building. If you decide to rent, you will pay a monthly rental fee and you will retain your investment capacity for other matters. If you need the space for longer than initially planned, simply extend the rental period. If you need the space for a relatively long period, purchasing might be the cheapest option for you.

Modular storage buildings are wind and watertight. Your products can therefore be stored safely. Should your products have to be stored at a certain temperature, then choose an insulated solution.

Modular halls are not dark and cold, quite the contrary. Not only do the translucent roof fabrics allow you to enjoy the outdoor light, but also cost savings on your energy bill.

With modular storage halls, you don’t need any or only minimum foundations. This will save you a lot of time and money. A win-win situation!

Storage and work space

Compose your own

Use our simulator to put together the solution that suits you best.


Our usual, highly-motivated, Veldeman service with an extra touch. That’s Veldeman+. Our service goes much further than our renowned structures. Whether you call on us for a rental or sales project or purchase a tent from us as a tent rental company, we are your single point of contact, your partner who accompanies you from A to Z.

Why choose Veldeman?

Thanks to our +50 years of experience, we have extensive knowledge in modular, demountable infrastructure. We have a great deal of international experience in numerous sectors, from industry, events and sports to aviation and defense. Our solutions have already been established in more than 60 countries worldwide. No challenge is too big, no assignment too complex.

All development and production is carried out in-house in our own r&d department, metal department and fabric manufacturing shop. We have our own rental department, maintenance department and finishing department. Our projects are built by our skilled assemblers or under our supervision and led by experienced project managers.

From the first meeting, we think creatively with you and guide you to the most appropriate solution to meet your wishes and requirements. Our people are highly approachable, helpful and solutions-oriented. You can also contact us with questions after completion or purchase. We like to work as a partner, and not just a supplier. With us, you get service with a plus!

Do you want to move quickly? At Veldeman you’ve come to the right place! Our large stock means that we can be very flexible and provide you with the right solution at short notice.

We work in line with the highest quality standards. Safety is virtually part of our dna – all our products and our approach comply with the most stringent and complex safety requirements. We are VCA**, ISO9001 and EN1090 certified.

Our project organisation underpins our business. Competent project managers ensure meticulous planning, logistical coordination and meticulous follow-up of each project so that you are maximally unburdened. We always make a point of fulfilling our agreements punctually and correctly . Standards and safety regulations are stringently adhered to.

Rental or sales, standard equipment or customisation, temporary or permanent: we always offer a solution tailored to your needs. Our basic structures can be expanded with numerous options to create a total solution. If required, in cooperation with our partners, we also provide electricity, lighting, air conditioning, ventilation and furnishings.

Sustainability is high on our list of priorities. This starts with providing professional work and using quality materials. For that matter, all our materials are 100% recyclable. Our pvc fabric is recycled into fibres and granules, and the steel and aluminum are also recycled back into raw materials. We regard sustainability also as ethical commerce and societal engagement.

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