Storage tent: the right solution for your products

Sometimes the solution is just a matter of square metres. But, your products may have specific indoor climate requirements.  For example, your products may require a constant temperature, or perhaps humidity is an absolute no-go. We supply the right storage tent, attuned to your specific needs.

Take for example our blackout fabrics. These create an additional barrier against the sun, making the indoor climate a couple of degrees cooler during the hot summer months.  We can always provide you with lighting, adapted to your needs.

Insulated structures

Do you require a better insulated fabric structure? If so, our inflatable top and side fabrics are what you’re looking for. The air cushion in between the fabrics forms a buffer between the indoor and outdoor climate. You see, still air insulates: it’s the same principle that applies to double-glazing.

An optional extra is equipping our structures with an insulating layer. With our sandwich panels and special double fabrics we can create a controlled climate, and efficiently control energy consumption.

Say goodbye to condensation

Condensation can sometimes occur on the inside of a storage tent upon significant differences in temperature. This can be to the detriment of some products.  By deploying an inner fabric structure, we prevent condensation droplets coming into contact with the products.  This system channels any droplets to ground level.

Customised HVAC solution

Do these measures fail to meet your storage needs? If so, we will supplement our solutions with the correct HVAC processes.  For example, a ventilation system that keeps humidity within bounds.  Or, a heating system with a constant temperature output.  Another option is a cooling system that kicks in as soon as the temperature in your storage tent gets too high.

How can we be of assistance?

Whatever the specific requirements for your products may be: we have the right solution to hand!  From the ideal storage tent to our HVAC processes.  We would love to hear what challenge you have up your sleeve for us!

Questions for a Veldeman advisor

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