Two storey party tent Nieuwjaarsinvitito Voka Limburg


Nieuwjaarsinvitito is the largest and most prestigious networking event in the province of Limburg. Every year, Voka Limburg welcomes 2,800 entrepreneurs, company directors and politicians there so that they can drink to a prosperous New Year together. Since 2008 Veldeman has been providing a luxurious two storey party tent for this event. The challenge lies among others in the limited surface area of the site. As a result, the tent must be placed in the Voka Limburg car park and built around the existing building. Every edition is based around a specific theme and the decoration of the party tent must also be nicely adapted to this.


For the 2019 edition, the theme was ‘space for entrepreneurship’ and the event was fully dedicated to space travel. Veldeman erected a tent with 2 floors, which had a stylish layout incorporating nice stairwells and glass balustrades. The black roof upholstery in the tent provided an extra visual highlight and fitted in perfectly with the theme. Additional aluminium halls and tents served as an airlock, walkway, smokers’ tent and storage space. The flooring, power supply, air conditioning and plumbing were also provided by Veldeman. The evening was another roaring success. After the guests had enjoyed the delicious buffets, the dancefloor opened up to ‘Houston, we have a party!’.