Additional reception space for hospital Aalst


Due to the renovation of the Emergency Department, the General City Hospital Aalst had a temporary need for additional reception space. In order to continue to guarantee the best possible separation of Covid and non-Covid patients, a temporary space had to be created next to the Emergency Department.  This area had to accommodate two nursing stations, one test room and 18 patients in separate cubicles.


Just 3 days after receiving the request, in collaboration with Jan De Nul, Veldeman had already constructed the reception space. A sturdy tent measuring 15m x 15m was attached to the permanent building and fitted with a cassette flooring betonplex. Two additional units, each measuring 3m x 6m, were installed for sanitary facilities and for the storage of medication.

Patients with suspected Covid are immediately isolated in a triage room and can then move to the temporary reception area for a test and/or treatment. Patients who test positive can immediately be transferred from this area to the Covid ward in the adjacent building. Other emergency patients are dealt with at the other side of the wing. This ensures the best possible separation of the two different types of patients and allows emergency non-Covid care to continue in a way that is safe for both patients and staff.