We are one of the market leaders in the supply of rapid deployment shelters and (semi-)permanent military hangars. Our military shelters are used on a global basis and fulfill in an efficient way the needs of the military users. The shelters are designed to be air transported and can be erected without any heavy equipment, labor only.

Full accessory packages, including aircraft and personnel doors, lights, ventilation and HVAC systems, are also available. We have provided shelters for United Nations, NATO, US Air Force, Royal Australian Air Force, Belgian Air Force, Canadian Air Force, Chilean Air Force, Indian Air Force, etc.

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  • High wind & snow loads

    Our structures meet the strictest of international construction standards and are highly wind- and snow-resistant. We have designed, engineered and installed our products in over 40 countries throughout the world and in the most extreme climates. From the heavy snow areas of British Columbia and Russia to southern Florida where the wind design load is 190 km/u.

  • Modular design – extendable and relocatable

    The modular design of our shelters allows for easy dismantling and relocation. As a result you can save on your capital investment should you decide to move your facility. The unique design allows our customers to reclaim 99.5% of the structure and offers them the benefit of flexibility should they need to relocate or expand the structure in the future.

  • Limited (or no) foundations

    Our shelters can be erected with minimal ground preparation and in most cases no footings or foundations. We are capable of erecting structures on almost any terrain (earth, asphalt, concrete, etc.) and can anchor our structures in any location with a variety of methods.

  • Quick installation

    Installation rates are based on site and weather conditions in addition to structure design; however, we lead the industry in efficiency and speed of installation. A custom installation can be designed to meet almost any timeline.



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