Here at Veldeman we are a one-stop shop. We produce, sell and rent out professional tents. Have you ever considered the benefits for you? We’ve outlined them below.

Support in the event of stock shortfall

Just picture it: you’ve already bought some tents from Veldeman. But the orders keep flying in, and you soon notice you’re low in stock. But don’t worry: there’s no need to refuse projects out of hand or to rush out and buy a new tent.

As we have an in-house rental  department, we can assist our customers by renting out our tents.  This is possible as we not only produce our own tents but sell and rent them out too.

Exceptional product know-how

We develop and produce all our tents in-house. The high demand for our tent rentals means we understand the key sale issues for our end customers like no other.  We utilise this know-how to attain premium quality structures.


Useful upkeep tips

We call upon our in-house tent supply a great deal ourselves, and rely upon their long lifespan and good condition. It goes without saying, of course: our tent rentals are the ideal advertisement for Veldeman. This is why in our workshop we focus strongly on the upkeep of both the fabric structures as well as the profiles and accessories. We are always delighted to share our upkeep know-how with you.

Tent sales and rentals: win-win at Veldeman

When you buy one of our tents, you can also call upon our outstanding rental service. So, say goodbye to possible stock shortfalls, as we are on hand to help.

Would you like more information about our products, or do you have a query about renting a tent? Please get in touch  for detailed assistance.

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