Veldeman has developed 2 visiting units and 1 waiting room for the Sint-Hiëronymus Psychiatric Centre in Sint-Niklaas. Today, for the first time since the coronavirus outbreak, clients will be able to welcome visitors again.

As from Saturday 14 March, all visits to psychiatric hospitals were banned and patients were also no longer allowed to leave the campus. This was a serious blow to a vulnerable group of people who were already experiencing difficult times. The Sint-Hiëronymus Psychiatric Centre didn’t rest on its laurels, but investigated other ways in which its clients could receive visitors. Whilst searching for a solution, the Centre discovered Veldeman in Bree, which specialises in the rental and sale of tents and temporary structures.


Veldeman designed 2 visiting units for the Sint-Hiëronymus PC. Partition walls were fitted into each of the units, allowing the space to be divided into 2 hermetically sealed parts.  The areas were carefully decorated, allowing visits to take place in a pleasant setting. A third unit will be used as a visitors’ waiting area.


“The first visitors will be welcomed today. For organisational reasons, visits will initially be limited to 1 visit each week for each client. Each day, the units will be made available to a different department within the centre. This allows us to offer an additional service to ensure the welfare of our clients, whilst protecting their physical health,” said Stefaan Baeten, General Director at Sint-Hiëronymus PC.


“During this corona crisis, we are helping organisations to create a safe environment for clients, visitors and their employees. This ranges from reception and meeting units, additional workspace or storage space for companies, to waiting rooms and sales areas for the retail sector.   We have constructed triage tents for a number of hospitals. Our tent structures and units enable us to supply a total solution, equipped with (emergency) doors, partition walls, disinfectants, furniture, electricity, lighting, etc.” explained Andy Moors, CEO at Veldeman.

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