Veldeman has worked hard in recent weeks to prepare a number of Flemish vaccination centres for use, enabling them to undergo trial runs this week. As a supplier of furnishings and additional infrastructure, this means that Veldeman has abandoned its image as a traditional tent builder.


In Bree, the empty Expodroom arena, located on the industrial estate in Bree, once home to Euphony Basket Bree and the European competitions of Noliko Maaseik, has been transformed into a fully operational vaccination centre. A huge logistical challenge. In just a few days, Veldeman prepared and furnished the entire arena. Using partitions made from PVC, glass and fabrics, the large areas were divided off into an entrance hall, registration hall, waiting area and vaccination room, with medical offices. Veldeman provided heating and supplied all furniture, from tables and chairs to reception desks and serving trolleys. The four vaccination lines will allow a maximum of 1,200 vaccinations a day to be administered to the residents of Bree and Oudsbergen. Flemish Minister of Health, Wouter Beke, visited the vaccination centre along with both mayors. “It’s great to see how an empty complex could be converted into a fully equipped vaccination centre within just a few weeks”, said Minister Beke.

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Veldeman was also responsible for preparing and furnishing the vaccination centre in Peer, located in the former VDAB buildings. Veldeman provided partitions by constructing walls and equipped the building with heating, furniture, decoration and a public address system.

Veldeman also supplied additional infrastructure, such as reception and waiting rooms for other vaccination centres, including the centre in Zottegem.

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These projects mean that Veldeman is clearly abandoning its image as a classic tent builder. “In recent years, we have broadened our range significantly to meet the market demand for customised total solutions”, explains Andy Moors, CEO of Veldeman. “Tents are still an important part of our portfolio, but we do a lot more besides. Consider, for example, units, wall construction, furnishings, utilities, furniture, air-conditioning, lighting, decoration, etc. Projects such as the vaccination centres, where tents aren’t even erected, are becoming more common. Our extensive expertise with temporary and modular infrastructure, logistics, know-how and strong project organisation skills, are increasingly being called upon – without tents being required! Our in-house technical department and finishing department allow us to supply perfect customised solutions.”

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