We are undeniably in a crisis. The Corona virus is affecting Belgium and also Veldeman. As a result, we too have instigated additional measures. As we have a pivotal duty of care to our workforce, customers and suppliers, we hereby would like to update you on our new approach and the measures we are taking.

At Veldeman we want to keep offering the necessary solutions, but as follows:

  • Our employees remain as dedicated to their work as usual, but are now largely working from home. They are available and will continue to communicate efficiently with you and the company.
  • Our offices and switchboard number remain accessible over the phone.
  • For now, urgent works on site can still be done and urgent production orders will still be processed, subject to compliance with the stringent social distancing measures.
  • Requests for interventions will be assessed by urgency. However, interventions will continue to be possible where necessary.
  • Projects under the broad remit of assistance (which we are on full stand-by for), will be given priority.
  • All appointments with visitors, suppliers …will be postponed until 19 April at least, unless they are absolutely necessary

Cancelled event? What now?

The events sector is being hard hit at present which is why we are doing all we can to remain flexible in finding an alternative date for your event. We are fully aware that many questions will come our way regarding cancelled events. We will do our utmost to answer these as promptly as possible.

We kindly request your patience and understanding, as we will require time to find the right answers to your queries. Our business always places the customer first and foremost, and that won’t change despite these uncertain times.

Emergency structures?

Aluhal-opslag-700x470 Tijdelijke-opslaghal-700x467

We are currently coming across different or even new tent requirements, which is why we are keen to also deploy the tent supply that has recently become available to meet these requirements.Team Veldeman is on immediate stand-by to help provide bespoke temporary solutions quickly, whilst taking the new stringent measures into account.

Challenge our limits, that is Veldeman’s motto. Together we are now facing unprecedented challenges. We are convinced that if we all adhere to the new measures in place that we will be able to overcome these challenges.

Team Veldeman wishes everyone courage in this crisis.

Wishing you all the best,

Andy Moors

CEO Veldeman


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