Veldeman believes that healthy and energetic employees are the foundation of an efficient and dynamic company, so it wants to actively promote health in the workplace. That is why the Energy@Veldeman project, a sustainable exercise and health campaign specifically designed to the company’s needs, was set up in collaboration with Energy Lab at the end of 2016.

“’Challenge our limits’ is the message we are transmitting to the public as a company, but we also want to continually challenge our employees and the company itself,” says CEO Andy Moors. “Healthy employees are in any case crucial to Veldeman. We want to use internal challenges to encourage our staff to take more exercise and opt for healthy lifestyles. The collective challenge is for the company’s employees to jointly walk or run a total of 100,000 km by the end of September 2017.”

Employees were given pedometers, and an online platform was built where the number of steps and distances travelled can be seen, along with a ranking. The platform also provides useful tips on health, nutrition and training. Every month, an interim challenge is launched, such as travelling a certain distance, or a team challenge where employees compete in teams to make the most steps. The company is also regularly participating in sporting events. For example, 17 Veldeman employees took part in the Santa Run in Zutendaal. Pending events on the agenda include the Cave Run in Kanne, and the Team Up Run in Opglabbeek. The ultimate challenge is the Spartacus Run in Boom on 30 April and 1 May. 5 Veldeman Spartans, who were chosen to personify Energy@Veldeman, will be prepped with personal coaching for this major event.

Andy Moors: “Energy@Veldeman is already highly successful. The project was received with great enthusiasm, and I’m really happy to see how it’s taken off in the company. Not only have we made our employees aware about the importance of exercise, we have also effectively managed to make them more active. Our aim over the coming years is to pay particular attention to sport and health. It all matches our slogan perfectly; ‘challenge our limits!’”