One of the biggest global sporting events has to be the football world championship. And wherever sports and events meet, Veldeman is there. We decided to pay homage to the WC in our own inimitable way.  As ‘Challenge our limits’ isn’t merely a motto to us.  We accepted the challenge laid down by five of our international clients, each of whom gave us extraordinary tasks.

The challengers

A draw by our CEO, Andy Moors, revealed our challengers.  The honour fell to Peru, Belgium, Japan, The Netherlands and Australia.  Exposistemas Servicios in Peru asked us to build a stand; KRC Genk in Belgium challenged us to raise our game and hit the crossbar three times. Tadanori Tojima in Nishio, Japan wanted to stand out at the WC with an XXXL flag which we naturally had to make.  The Dutch concern, DGTL, asked us to sing the Wilhelmus in a choir, and Manuel in Australia challenged us to learn a national dance.

Challenge accepted

A team was delegated for each challenge, that set itself to task following meticulous preparations.  Just as in a real world championship, our player selection was officially announced each time.  You can follow how they tackled the challenge, and ultimately did, on our website and social media. With evidence, of course!

Veldeman for world champion: mission accomplished!

What did all these challenges tell us? Our workforce truly lived up to our motto: ‘Challenge our limits’. So, mission accomplished: the world title is ours! No challenge is too big for us. So it was only right that Veldeman was announced the world champion.

Ready to meet the world champion, Veldeman? Ready to put us to the test with your challenging projects?   Get in touch, we’re waiting for you!

The aftermovie:

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