Every party organiser has one great fear, whatever the size of the event: April showers. However, the weather in May can also throw some unpleasant surprises. If you have to choose between a garden party or a room for your party, you may well go for the driest solution, but that is such a waste of the beautiful nature outside. After all, nothing is more fun than partying in a beautiful environment. Now there’s a solution, and a dry one at that: our transparent party tent.

Mix & Match

Using transparent fabric for your party tent will undoubtedly lift your event to a higher level. That’s only logical, because what’s the point in being in beautiful surroundings if you can’t see them? More and more organisers of private and corporate parties are choosing beautiful views, and therefore the transparent version. We stock a wide range of these tents: our aluminium halls, arched halls, and TFS are all available in transparent versions. We also pay attention to your party being a total experience, and are happy to help you with interior design. Have you thought about coordinating this interior with the environment in which your party is being held?

If your tent is not in a green environment, but facing a well-known monument or building, for example, you could use a combination of transparent and white tent fabrics. Sanicole Air Show found that this was the perfect solution: guests could see the planes flying low from the tent. Talk about entertainment!


Transparent covered terraces

One of our partners, Hendrickx Feesten, likes to let its inspiration run wild, and our transparent party tents often play a major role in this.  These party organisers often use a transparent terrace cover connected to the tent, which gives the ‘inside yet outside’ feeling a whole new dimension for guests. As for the beautiful environment: it’s thrown in for free!

Hot summer weather

Air-conditioning keeps a transparent party tent pleasantly comfortable in the hot summer months.

Let us give you a clear idea of the benefits of transparent party tents

If you want to organise a party in a beautiful environment, or have any questions, please contact us or visit us for more information. We’ll be pleased to listen to your ideas and preferences, and show you all the possibilities of our transparent party tents.