2020 is drawing to an end, the holidays are just around the corner and the New Year is rapidly approaching. In all honesty, we can’t wait for the New Year to start.

2020 was a year full of challenges. It was supposed to be a promising year, with an annual timetable which was nice and full, a product launch and our fiftieth anniversary celebrations, but we could only watch in anguish as everything gradually disappeared from the calendar.

Thanks to our team of courageous ‘Veldemen’ and ‘Veldewomen’ we can proudly look back on a year in which our employees demonstrated that they were able to deal with the corona challenge in a creative and motivated manner. We are extremely proud of an annual review that is very different to the reviews of previous years, but as is the case every year, demonstrates an array of amazing achievements.

Echt Feesten – LVK 2020

Echt Feesten! This happened over a massive party weekend at Leisure Park In De Bandert in Echt (NL). Veldeman’s brief? To build the biggest ever party pavilion in LVK’s history. Veldeman built a gigantic party pavilion measuring 4,250 m² on the narrowest area in the Netherlands – as Echt-Susteren municipality is also known as. This structure featured a staggeringly high interior space and was equipped with an elevated VIP deck for 1,000 guests that offered premium podium views. 1,675 m² alu halls served as entrance vestibules, locker spaces and toilet tents.

LVK-feestpaviljoen-Veldeman-4-700x467 LVK-feestpaviljoen-Veldeman-3-700x464

Maas and Kempen Hospital – Maaseik (BE)

In March, we built triage tents for several hospitals to support the large influx of patients. Patients underwent initial checks in these tents for possible infections, to prevent the spread of infection to other parts of the hospital. For Maas and Kempen Hospital (ZMK) in Maaseik, we built a triage tent measuring 7.5m x 15m. We are proud of our team, who were immediately on stand-by during these difficult days!


Visiting units for the Sint-Hiëronymus Psychiatric Centre

As from March, visits to psychiatric hospitals were prohibited. This was a serious blow to a vulnerable group of people who were already experiencing difficult times. Instead of resigning itself to the situation, the Sint-Hiëronymus Psychiatric Centre looked for ways in which visitors would still be able to visit its clients.

Veldeman designed two visiting units for the Sint-Hiëronymus Psychiatric Centre. Partition walls were fitted into each of the units, allowing the space to be divided into 2 hermetically sealed parts. The areas were carefully decorated, allowing visits to take place in a pleasant setting. A third unit will be used as a visitors’ waiting area.



Mont-sur-Marchienne tennis hall

On behalf of the Mont-sur-Marchienne tennis club (province of Henegouwen, Belgium) we erected a Trium Alu measuring 36m x 33.5m above 2 tennis courts. The outer roof fabric is white translucent and the inner roof fabric is white. The chosen colour of the façades and side panels is green. We also installed 2 double doors, gutters, drains, ventilation and LED lighting.


Covid Event Risk Model


A powerful example of professionalism and cooperation within the events sector resulted in the Covid Event Risk Model (CERM). As a founding member and board member of BESA (Belgian Event Supplier Association), Veldeman was involved in producing this matrix.

In the future, numerous measures will form the basis of organising a COVID-safe event. ‘Control’ and ‘professional approach’ will become crucial benchmarks. Which is exactly what Veldeman is good at.

Many events were moved to 2021. This shows that you continue to believe in the power of events and that you have faith in Veldeman’s professional organisation. Thank you very much for that.

Covered waiting areas – Autoveiligheid

Because of COVID-19 measures, customers at 15 Groep Autoveiligheid vehicle testing centres had to wait outside for their vehicles. At the group’s request, Escape Events sought a solution to protect waiting customers from the elements. Veldeman required just 5 days to prepare for this project. On-site visits were made to all the testing centres, all necessary measurements were taken and special bespoke components were made by our in-house finishing department. After meticulous planning, the 15 waiting areas were constructed in just 7 days; in the evenings, at night-time and over a weekend.


Urgent additional reception space

Due to the renovation of the Emergency Department, the General City Hospital Aalst had a temporary need for additional reception space. In order to continue to guarantee the best possible separation of Covid and non-Covid patients, a temporary space had to be created next to the Emergency Department. Just 3 days after receiving the request, in collaboration with Jan De Nul, Veldeman had already constructed the reception space.

sturdy tent measuring 15m x 15m was attached to the permanent building and fitted with a cassette flooring betonplex. Two additional units, each measuring 3m x 6m, were installed for sanitary facilities and for the storage of medication. Patients with suspected Covid are immediately isolated in a triage room and can then move to the temporary reception area for a test and/or treatment.


Profel – Pelt

Profel, Belgian market leader in windows and doors, required additional space to ensure that the social elections could take place in a corona-safe manner. At two different sites, Veldeman erected temporary rooms measuring 10m x 40m and 10m x 20m.

For the same company, Veldeman had previously installed a temporary storage space measuring 10m x 15m, with an electric 3m x 3m roller shutter. For an 8-month period, this was used for the storage of materials.


Challenge Our Limits! 

In 2020, we faced head-on the challenges presented by corona. That is why, this year, even more so than in previous years, we can state with unwavering belief: ‘Challenge Our Limits!’ Christmas is a period to look back, but also to look forward to the future. We would like to wish you fantastic successes during the forthcoming calendar year and a scintillating and healthy 2021.

A very Merry Christmas and until next year!

Veldeman Team


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