Now that 2019 is nearing its end, we can enjoy reflecting on a whole host of fantastic moments. We do that with our favourite communications and innovations of the past year.


Cold winter months and tents don’t mix? Oh really? There are lots of different options for heating your tent. We summed these up for you.


During a temporary shutdown at a petrochemical company, fabric structures are the ideal solution to create additional space. In our blog we explained how we act as a single point of contact for three uses within the petrochemical segment.


We believe in the importance of healthy employees. That is why we launched a new health programme, in which we challenge employees to exercise more and to opt for a healthy lifestyle. Challenge our limits at all levels!



In April, the festival season officially got underway for Veldeman. We started with the DGTL Festival in Amsterdam, which saw our TFS festival tent, along with other tents, being used. In the summer of 2019, we were present at more than twenty festivals in six different countries.


In May we once again highlighted our SMART range: the ideal range of festival tents for every occasion. Light, safe and attractive from a logistics point of view.


With the summer approaching, we provided you with an overview of all the different ways in which your tent  can be extended with a nice terrace or lounge. Not only can we offer different kinds of terrace floors, we can also cover a section of your terrace, or even add balustrades!


In June we proudly announced that we had been chosen to assemble the tent structures for the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020. We are already looking forward to it!


In July the new 12-metre Arcada was added to our range. In response to customer demand, we developed this tent with its characteristic arched hall. The introduction of this structure allows you to convert your alu hall into a new Arcada with a minimum number of components.


In 2019, the Lokerse Feesten took place for the 45th time! We were present once again at the event and provided the VIP rooms, party tents for the food and drink stands and an alu hall, fitted out as a performers’ restaurant. Every structure was personalised by the Lokerse Feesten team, resulting each time in a splendid outcome!



The spotlight wasn’t actually on them, but they were right next to the red carpet at the Ostend Film Festival: our hospitality tents! We were proud that we could participate in this top cultural event.


In October we spread the word about the challenging projects that we have already completed in the mining industry throughout the world. You will find our temporary structures way up high in the Andean Mountains in Chile.



This year, football club KRC Genk played in the UEFA Champions League. We assembled a multi-storey tent which remained in place for the entire event, which was used as a press area, and an alu hall used as an additional VIP area.


December is the month for Christmas markets and temporary ice rinks. We explained why it’s a good idea to cover temporary ice rinks of this kind. With more than twenty covered ice rinks, our tents gave many people hours of skating pleasure.

The Veldeman team would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year. We look forward to seeing you in 2020, the year in which we will celebrate our fiftieth birthday!