SAPCA (Sports and Play Construction Association) is a British organisation that each year hands out awards for innovative sport projects. This year Ellesmere College, a Rocklyn partnership, scooped the prize.

Ellesmere College lies to the south of Manchester and has had a tennis academy for quite some time now.  One issue though was that training on the tennis courts was out of the question in bad weather – and England is known for being inclement.

In seeking a solution to this problem the school stumbled across Rocklyn, Veldeman’s partner in the UK. Further to their brief we set to it and designed the span structure for the tennis facility.

Green fabrics

We fabricated a Trium structure measuring 38 x 70 meters, that could cover four hard courts. We supplied the fabric structure and dispatched our assemblers to assist in erecting the tennis facility.

The intention was to blend the new tennis centre as subtly as possible with the school’s rural setting. Which is why we opted for green fabrics. The facility is also a gem to behold on the inside too. Tennis in England is often played on hard courts, making a range of colours an option. Rocklyn creatively opted for a blue and green combination, that also appealed to the SAPCA jury’s taste.

Brendan Wignall, director of Ellesmere College, is delighted with the outcome: “The tennis centre is a high-quality addition to our facilities and ensures that Ellesmere stands out from other education establishments. We look forward to attracting more students over the coming years, to join our excellent tennis programme.”

Fabric structures are all the rage

Fabric structures are clearly bang on trend in the world of sport, and quite justifiably too. First and foremost, the design of a fabric structure is a plus point. You see, it can be more easily integrated into the entire setting, which was vital in this instance.

The translucent fabric provides for natural light, which only serves to enhance the game, and lowers lighting overheads. Proper insulation or a heating system is naturally an option too.  Indeed, in good weather the sides of the tennis court can open, making it feel as if you’re playing outdoors.

Furthermore, fabric structures are more cost-effective than traditional sport facilities, can be rapidly realised and fulfil the most stringent of international building and safety standards.

Experts in our field

We are an acknowledged tennis hall expert. Among others we collaborate with Tennis Flanders and we have supplied fabric structures for the tennis academies of tennis giants including Justine Henin and Nick Bollettieri. Winning the SAPCA Award is great recognition for us and Rocklyn of everyone’s excellent work. Go team!

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