Anniversary at work? Then why not celebrate. Would you like to have an evening to remember at a special location? Here you can read how we worked with events organisers Bylei to transform the grounds of Xidoor and provide an ideal tent for their anniversary party. 


Bylei, an events agency based in Eindhoven (in the Netherlands), called in Veldeman to help with a company party that the door manufacturer Xidoor was planning. The company was celebrating its 85th year in business and was throwing a massive party for its 750 employees and their partners, from home and abroad.

What was the location for the anniversary party? The party was going to take place at Xidoor’s work premises. The available space was restricted due to operational activities that had to carry on, so we got out the tape measure to make very precise measurements. The company’s activities had to be disturbed as little as possible during the construction process. Lorries were normally loading in the area where the tent had to be erected. So we had to come up with a solution. Challenge accepted!


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We accompanied Bylei to the intended location beforehand and got to know the site inside out, and also took plenty of measurements so we knew all the dimensions needed for the tent for the party. Having a slightly smaller structure than originally planned was one of the options, in order to overcome the various challenges. But Veldeman did not opt for the easiest solution, we went with the best solution. Our TFS tent was what we went with in the end, the ultimate eye-catcher for a large corporate party in a tent.


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Perfect planning and timing

Precision work and minimal disruption require tight planning and timing. We determined the best possible position for our temporary construction in advance and marked out the footprint precisely on the ground. In this way the company was able to reroute the forklift trucks as a temporary measure. We drew the company’s attention to any points that needed to be watched, so that they would not have any surprises at any time. By keeping them informed about all our processes, the company’s activities were hardly disrupted at all. We got to work as soon as we could. We built the structures in five days, and dismantled them in four days.

TFS: a starring role

The star attraction of the evening was Guus Meeuwis. Ours TFS structure is more often used for concerts, but was the perfect solution for this event. This large tent for the party was partly transparent, so that you could clearly see the surrounding company buildings. We also installed a transparent aluminium entrance hall and a number of aluminium halls that served as catering and logistical areas.


Photography by: Maurice Vinken /

Give your employees an evening they will never forget.

Looking to have a successful anniversary party? That’s one thing that will have your employees talking about for many moons. We would be pleased to help you select the right tent for your party, at any location. Interested to find out what we can do for you? Then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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