The challenge you face is storing as much of your stock at your own premises or sites. But sometimes the crux of the matter is more than just storage. Veldeman has an extensive range of tents for rental, in all sorts of dimensions and with all the accessories you need. Let’s go through a few of the available options for your future temporary storage tent.

A temporary storage tent is more than just some walls and a roof. Depending on what you are looking for and the actual application, we can supply our tent structures with a variety of fittings including gates, (emergency) doors, lighting, climate control and insulation. We would be pleased to discuss your specific wishes and requirements during a visit at your site.

We can make condensation a thing of the past
For products that are sensitive to moisture, Veldeman can supply insulated and air-conditioned tent structures. Condensation can be kept to a minimum so that the temporary storage tent is a real alternative to a permanent building. For Tobroco, a company that manufactures ground moving equipment, mini loaders and wheeled loaders, we selected an insulated thermo-roof and solid walls.

We can eliminate extremes of cold and heat

But what about products that are temperature sensitive? We have the right solution for these as well. By using a combination of insulation and climate control, we can cool or heat all our structures to the required temperature. We use diesel heaters, heat pumps and electric air-heaters to do this.

Gates, heating, doors and lighting, …

We can provide a tailor-made solution for every project. From gates to heating, from lighting to an insulating tent fabric. So what challenge have you got for us?