Need more storage space? Then it is a massive benefit if you can create extra storage space close to your premises. But is it best to immediately think about constructing a new building? Or would it be better to opt for temporary storage space? Let’s look at the advantages of a temporary storage area using fabric structures. This will allow you to make an informed choice.

Is your company struggling with a lack of space due to rapid growth? Perhaps an individual order results in not having enough storage space? The choices are to put the brakes on or deal with the problem by making use of a temporary storage area.

  1. Logistically speaking, a far simpler solution

At Veldeman, we specialise in fabric structures. For you, this means that we can build a temporary storage area next to your existing premises. Building on your own site is so much simpler. Having a warehouse or hangar at another location can be a logistical nightmare. You have to make other arrangements for your stock. You have to reach new agreements with your suppliers and customers. And you may need to duplicate staff and equipment at both sites. Don’t forget about having to keep everyone informed and data exchange. Not a very practical solution.

  1. Fast construction method

If you opt for a temporary storage solution using a fabric structure, you are choosing a fast build. You need a solution right now and with a fabric structure storage unit you will get that solution fast. Not in a year, not in six months, but within weeks. We can make it happen. Our experienced installation team can build a structure covering 1,500 square metres in a period of two days. We recently built a 4,400 m² temporary storage facility in just five days.

  1. Ideal compromise solution

You don’t want to miss out on that really big order. But you don’t want to make rash decisions and immediately commission a new building. Our storage tents are the ideal compromise. You change up a gear quickly and in the meanwhile take your time to look for a permanent solution.

Looking for a fast, temporary solution for a lack of storage space?

Then give us a call and we will jump into action. And before you know it, your storage worries will be a thing of the past.

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