When your shop needs to be refurbished, you face a formidable challenge. Because shutting up shop for a short time is not an option. And moving location is not ideal either. Our solution? A temporary shopping marquee. AD Delhaize also chose this option and came back to us again after several other successes using this solution. We developed a tailor-made shop concept, taking into account the challenges of the area.

The challenge

Every location is different and requires its own approach. In this case, the temporary shop marquee had to be built in the parking area of the permanent shop, next to the construction site. Our task was to build a temporary shop that was large enough and leave enough space for parking. This was not as easy as it sounds because the marquee had to house the shopping area, the warehouse space and the accommodation for the staff. We decided to raise the temporary shop marquee to a higher level, literally. We added an extra floor.

Making optimum use of space

Shoppers are able to shop and pick up their goods on the ground floor.  The first floor houses the changing rooms, along with the offices, a canteen and kitchen for the staff. In this way, we stayed within the permitted footprint and were able to provide plenty of convenience and comfort to shoppers and staff alike. The warehouse and storage areas are on the ground floor.


From floor to door

We not only took care of the construction of the temporary shop marquee, but we also carried out all the finishing touches, such as LED lighting for the shopping aisles, solid floors, fire extinguishers, security signage and a heat pump for heating and air conditioning. We also installed the electrically operated entrance doors, and the loading/unloading area and shutter doors. When doing this, we obviously took into consideration all security aspects and legal requirements. We think of all the things you need, including emergency exits and lighting and separate toilets and changing rooms for staff that are required by law.


Working together works

The whole project was tailor-made for AD Delhaize. To achieve this, we always initially sit down and go over the needs and desires of the customer, point by point. Someone from the sales floor is always involved in these discussions. Together we examine how we can get the most from the retail space, so that the largest possible range of products can be offered for sale.

We then look at the technical feasibility of this with the project leader. As AD Delhaize was having to organise their new shop as well as the temporary shop, we did all in our power to make sure there were no issues with the temporary shop. In this way, AD Delhaize was able to focus on the new building.

Challenge us to also build a temporary marquee shop for you.

Do you need a temporary shop? But is the location of the shop not exactly obvious? Set us a challenge and we will find the right solution for you. Contact us today to find out more.


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