When the ceiling of one of your larger auditoriums collapses during renovation work a few weeks before the start of the academic year, your university needs a plan B. This is an example of a real-life emergency that the University of Antwerp faced last year, which Veldeman solved for them with a temporary accommodation like a lecture tent.

The emergency

During renovation work on some of the auditoriums at the University of Antwerp, a ceiling unexpectedly collapsed in one of the larger auditoriums that was still under construction at the time. That meant the auditorium wasn’t going to be ready by the start of the academic year, and the university suddenly faced losing an auditorium for 600 students.

The University of Antwerp was unable to manage without this major piece of infrastructure, so it went on the search for a last minute emergency solution. They came to us for temporary accommodation.


Extra challenge

Getting a temporary auditorium for 600 students operational in just 3 weeks is already a challenge in itself, but in this case we also had to provide an entrance hall, study room, evaluation room and smaller auditorium.

Good thermal and acoustic insulation was essential to make sure the temporary auditoriums could be used to maximum effect. On the one hand, thermal insulation was necessary because the auditoriums are used in winter, and a constant temperature of 21 °C is pleasant. On the other hand, acoustic insulation allows both auditoriums to be operational at the same time without the sound in one area interfering with activities in the other.


Our solution

The University of Antwerp initially asked if we could provide two separate tents, but we proposed to accommodate everything in one large temporary structure. We decided to use a 45-m long, 30-m wide TFS tent. We arranged both the structure, as well as the floors, lighting, heating, electrical installation and paths to the auditoriums and the sanitary units.

Sandwich panels and an inner tarpaulin serve as partitions and improve acoustics. We laid carpet tiles everywhere. These improve both comfort and acoustics. Extra speakers were installed in the auditoriums to spread the sound in the high areas more evenly. In addition to the requested spaces, we also created an area for a closed technical room.

We built a sloping grandstand with 600 seats in the large auditorium, and a smaller grandstand in the smaller auditorium. Finally, we provided an electrical socket for each student. The temporary accommodation was delivered on time, and will remain operational until the end of the academic year.

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