On 4 February the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl, the most important sports event in the US.   The Philadelphia Eagles triumphed over last year’s winners, the New England Patriots, by 41-33 after a thrilling close to the game. Although this was the third time the Eagles had reached the NFL finals, it was the first time they managed to land the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

And Veldeman joined in the celebrations too, as the Super Bowl winners have been training in a Veldeman indoor facility for more than 16 years now ! Our subsidiary, Universal Fabric Structures, designed and installed this indoor training facility in 2002. Since then the facility has played a key role in the Eagles’ training, whilst withstanding the severe weather conditions known to south-eastern Pennsylvania. The steel structure that is covered by a PVC fabric, is 60m wide and 90m long, and is equipped with a complete HVAC system that guarantees optimum comfort throughout the year.  A world apart from the air-supported structure the Eagles used before, that was always cold and damp!

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