A temporary storage area with a fabric structure offers several advantages in providing extra storage space very quickly. However, we are often asked what type of anchoring we use and whether all sites are equally suitable for erecting a storage tent on. Listed below is a summary of the various options.

We have already mentioned the advantages of a temporary storage tent. We will now focus on a very practical question: anchoring a storage tent. We have an in-house solution for any kind of ground or site.

  1. Ideal scenario: ground anchors

Will your storage tent be erected on asphalt, cobbles or an unpaved area? Then we would carry out the anchoring using anchoring bolts or stakes.

  1. Alternative: chemical anchoring

In an area that has been concreted, anchoring bolts are not an option, so we would opt for chemical anchoring of your storage tent. This type of anchoring is easy to fix and leaves no lasting damage to the site when removed.

  1. The last resort: ballast weights

If anchor bolts or chemical anchors cannot be used, we can anchor your storage tent with ballast blocks. We work out the weight required to ensure safe anchoring of the storage tent, based on the dimensions of the tent. These ballast blocks cause no damage to the site at all.

And what about the site for your storage tent?

Would you like to discuss your options with us at your site? Then do not hesitate and give us a call today.