Commercial space

Do you need a temporary storage space because of renovations, seasonal sales or to stand in for a damaged building?

Are you looking for a temporary showroom or the ideal space to test your new concept? With our demountable infrastructure, we can offer you a fast and flexible solution that will provide all the comfort your customers and staff could need. Our short assembly times and overall approach will ensure that you are fully operational in record time.

We are happy to help you to put together the ideal fully-functional solution for you. Or you can take inspiration from our basic configurations below.

A temporary retail space can be built relatively quickly. For an average size, installation takes only a few days. That way you’ll be up and running in no time.

Thanks to the variable width, length and height, the space can be perfectly customised to your size. The A-shaped roof makes the centre higher than the sides to create extra volume. The free span also ensures that there are no poles in the way.

You can build a temporary retail space in any location, including your own business or car park. An efficient solution that enables you to assure your continuity.

Thanks to its modular nature, you can house both your retail space and your warehouse under one roof. We also provide social spaces such as cafeterias, offices, restrooms, locker rooms and kitchens. We also take care of electricity, lighting, heating and air conditioning.

Our basic configurations help you on your way

With more than 50 years on the clock, we have provided the most demanding customers in more than 60 countries worldwide with our solutions. Check out our cases, find out why our clients choose us and get inspired.

Configuration 1
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Configuration 2
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Configuration 3
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Questions for a Veldeman advisor

Our professionals think along with you and are happy to shape your plans.

Our Veldeman+ service continues

Veldeman’s thorough service with an extra touch. That’s Veldeman+. Our service extends beyond our renowned structures. Whether you call on us for a rental or sales project or purchase a tent from us as a tent rental company, we are your single point of contact, your partner who guides you from A to Z.

If you choose Veldeman, you choose the following extensive standard service package:

    • Detailed (total) solution tailored to your needs
    • Speed, flexibility and solution orientation
    • Total unburdening
    • Personal contact and accessibility
    • Professional guidance and support at every stage
    • Punctuality and correct fulfillment of agreements
    • +50 years of experience that we are happy to share with you
    • Maintaining the highest quality and safety standards
  • Project specific
    • Punctual project planning and coordination through our strong project organization
    • Certified, experienced and accessible assembly team
  • Specific for sale
    • Availability of spare parts
    • Comprehensive after-sales service and technical support

In addition to our standard service package, we also offer many extras. We are happy to introduce you to those services that take us one step further.

Do you need additional equipment or materials in or around your Veldeman solution? From furniture to fencing, we provide all the necessary extras to make your solution fully ready for use.

Does your project need to meet specific non-standard sizes? Do higher wind or snow loads apply? Our in-house engineers are happy to make a custom design with the necessary structural calculations.

From fire detection to camera surveillance, we offer various services to make you feel even safer.

Do you want to permanently ensure the quality of your Veldeman solution? Together we look at which additional maintenance services may be interesting for your specific project.

Need additional insurance or an extension of the standard warranty? Our experienced people will advise you in function of your solution.

Our approach

Tell us what you are looking for. Based on your requirements, the specifics of your project and the location, we will look for a solution that is perfect for you.

We will set to work on your requirements and prepare a proposal. We try to translate your specific needs and wishes into an infrastructure with all the necessary specifications.

If you approve our proposal, we will work out your tailor-made solution down to the smallest detail. We map out all project-specific matters and make a detailed project plan.

After a thorough final check and your final ‘go’, we start with the production and/or assembly of your unique solution.

We closely monitor your project. Because we want you to get the best. From A to even after Z. You can also contact us after delivery for technical support, repairs and maintenance.

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