The 1.5m rule will be with us for some time yet. Veldeman offers a range of solutions that will ensure social distancing within your organisation. From customisable screens to extra space that is dovetailed to your needs; the applications and options are limitless. Here’s an overview!

Customisable screens

Our customisable screens are made of a premium quality PVC canvas, encased in an aluminium frame. They are exceedingly robust and have high wind load performance, meaning they can be used both indoors and out. The upper section of the screen comprises a transparent canvas that provides full view of the surrounding environment.  In the first model the lower section is made up of a white canvas that can be customised with a logo or brand.  Other PVC colours are available too, of course. In the second model the lower section is open. A key USP is the connectivity of the screens, meaning longer partitions can be erected.

gesloten-scherm-1-700x583  open-scherm-700x583

The robustness of the PVC screens make them ideal partitions for on terraces. With the screens, tables can be positioned closer together, which means higher revenue for hospitality businesses. These screens make for ideal partitioning across other sectors too.


We have developed vehicle PVC screens, to help separate drivers from passengers.  Contact us for more information on the options available!

Reception and visitor units

To welcome clients, suppliers and/or visitors in a safe way, Veldeman can supply reception and visitor units. Customisable assembly, with partition walls, reception counters, furniture, electricity, lighting … A range of dimensions and layouts is available.  Take for example the  Sint-Hiëronymus Psychiatric Centre, where patients can be welcomed safely in these units.

Parlando-11-700x425 Parlando-8b-700x467

Extra space

Does your business require extra space in order to guarantee social distancing?  We can offer a bespoke solution for you, with our tents and temporary structures.  Do you need additional space for your staff on a temporary basis, such as: office or work space, meeting rooms or canteen space? Would you like to provide your customers with a covered waiting area? Are you considering covering your terrace so your clientele can enjoy their visit to your venue in the dry? Do you need extra retail or storage space? Do you need a covering so the members of your sports or fitness club can train outdoors, out of the rain? The possibilities are endless. Our tents and coverings are available in different sizes and designs. From party tents across alu halls to multilevel structures, featuring PVC side walls, panels, windows, doors, or simply a roof structure …. There’s no doubt that together we’ll find the right solution for you amongst our enormous selection of tents and accessories.

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Social distancing solutions, one point of contact

Are you looking for a solution to ensure social distancing within your organisation? If so, get in touch with Veldeman! We think along proactively, and strive to find a bespoke total solution for you.

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