VIP area Memorial Van Damme


Every year, Golazo organises the Memorial Van Damme, an international athletics event in the King Baudouin Stadium in Brussels. Each year, the organisers look for the appropriate tents for the VIP area, where large numbers of VIP guests will be welcomed. These tents are located close to the stadium and must have sufficient space to receive guests, for cloakrooms and kitchens. In terms of the assembly and disassembly of the tents, the tight schedule of the King Baudouin Stadium has to be taken into account.


For many years, Veldeman has been the loyal partner of the Memorial Van Damme. Therefore, every year, we give our input to the organisers about the efficient set-up and use of the VIP area which the organisation needs. The tents cover a surface area of around 3,500 m2 and the central terrace 800 m2. The centrally located terrace is finished with a beautiful bankirai hard wood floor, to enable the guests to enjoy some time outdoors too. Our aluhalls are perfect for a wide range of functions and not only can they be used as the reception area, but also for the cloakrooms and kitchens.

As we have gained the appropriate experience with this event, we can adapt ourselves very flexibly to the availability of the King Baudouin Stadium. But equally, through excellent communication with the other suppliers, we are able to guarantee punctuality and reliability. This means that, every year, the organisers of the Memorial Van Damme can look forward to the event with confidence.