VIP area festival Lokerse Feesten


Every year in the first half of August Lokeren is a hive of activity when the Lokerse Feesten take place. With around 15,000 visitors a day, the Lokerse Feesten have evolved into an extremely popular ten-day city festival. Veldeman has been a partner for this festival that takes place at the same location, the Grote Kaai, for some considerable time. This venue has undergone many changes over the years. For example, apartments, offices and car parking spaces have all sprung up around the square.  This in turn has made the festival area an increasingly tight fit. A challenge for Veldeman! Moreover, the Lokerse Feesten organisational team deem creativity and personalisation extremely important. They take care of the tent layout, but do though call upon Veldeman to provide printed upholstered internal walls for a number of tents.


Every year Veldeman handles the meticulous assembly of the various tents. Veldeman builds a multi-storey tent for the VIP area of the festival that provides a spectacular view across the podium.  One alu hall serves as an artists’ restaurant, whilst other alu halls and party tents are used for food&beverage facilities.  Thereby retaining continuous ample, open space for all the festivities.

For the previous edition, the Lokerse Feesten team designed their own creative print; unique upholstery with large cacti and tropical leaves that we in turn provided. To complete the ambient picture, we also supplied wooden side wall panels and glass side walls.  A stunning result for another premium edition of the Lokerse Feesten!