VIP accommodation Soudal Open Golf Tournament


The Soudal Open is a new international golf tournament that takes place at the Rinkven International Golf Club in Schilde (Antwerp). This prestigious four-day tournament is the place to be for golf enthusiasts and businesses. Organiser Golazo asked Veldeman to provide the high-quality VIP accommodation.


Veldeman erected a multi-storey tent measuring 20 m x 40 m and an alu hall – complete with logo – measuring 10 m x 45 m which offered the VIP guests a perfect view of the 18th hole. The multi-story tent was erected on a layer substructure to level out the height differences at the site. In order to provide a covered terrace of sufficient size for the VIPs, the long side of the multi-storey tent was placed 5 m back from the front line of the tent. Several alu halls and pagoda tents served as a reception area, catering area and logistics zone.

The first edition of the Soudal Open was an instant success, with 4 days of top golf, 18,000 visitors 5,000 of whom were VIPs, 30 greenkeepers and more than 800 volunteers and staff.