Veldeman welcomes East Flanders Tentmoment

Veldeman Group announces the acquisition of Tentmoment from Maldegem. A geographical reinforcement for the Veldeman Group, a guarantee of continuity in the future for tent rental company Tentmoment.

Veldeman Group has the wind in the (tent) sails. The Limburg tent company is announcing the acquisition of the East Flemish tent rental company ‘Tentmoment’.  Earlier this year, they reported the happy news about the collaboration with investor group IK Partners and in July they launched a new Barn at Rock Werchter. Proximity in East and West Flanders and years of collaboration are the basis of the takeover.

Geographical reinforcement of the Veldeman Group

Veldeman is active worldwide, from festivals throughout Europe to projects for the mining industry in South America. The company literally knows no boundaries. Nevertheless, rental projects on the Belgian market are increasingly concentrated in East and West Flanders. This is partly due to the increase in the rental of temporary storage halls/storage tents and the increase in a number of major events. In order to increase proximity in the rental activities, they were therefore looking for a base in that region.

“The representation of Tentmoment in East and West Flanders, with proximity to industrial zones in northern France, is a strategic choice to strengthen the Veldeman Group and is a first step in the geographical expansion of the Veldeman Group,” says Andy Moors, CEO of Veldeman Group.

Perfect match with Tentmoment

Directors of Tentmoment, Peter de Vreeze and Kristien Van Landschoot, who are the third generation active in the company, wanted to guarantee the continuity of the company in the future since there is no family succession.

“The DNA of Tentmoment also fits in perfectly with that of Veldeman Group. High quality and excellent service are qualities that are of paramount importance to both Veldeman and Tentmoment. The family character is also very typical for both our companies,” explains Andy Moors. 

Future assured

Tentmoment will continue to conduct its activities as an independent entity. The biggest change? The mutual collaboration will become even stronger and the brand image of Tentmoment will gradually become part of the Veldeman Group. The previous owners of Tentmoment will remain on board to help organise the ins and outs of the company.

“We look forward to intensifying the collaboration with the Veldeman team, to ensure continuity for Tentmoment, its employees and its customers and to share our many years of knowledge and experience with Veldeman,” says Peter de Vreeze.

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