Veldeman builds epic tent structure for Rock Werchter

Bigger, better, epic… Rock Werchter has released a new Barn this year. This new marquee structure is the result of a collaboration between the festival organiser and Veldeman in Bree. A structure of epic grandeur with unprecedented dimensions and countless possibilities for furnishing and audiovisual techniques in the festival sector. The new structure is the ideal setting for concerts, (theatre) shows, TV and film recordings, live productions, …

Rock Werchter presented the new Barn this year. For the development of this structure, the festival organiser turned to Veldeman, the specialist in modular, demountable infrastructure from Bree. The figures of the new structure do not lie: 75 metres wide, 115 metres long and a ridge height of 16.4 metres. With 10 tons of rigging capacity per truss, the creativity of the technical producers will know no bounds. The structure can accommodate 20,000 festival goers. No fewer than 58 doors were built in as entrance doors and emergency exits.

Collaboration between modern ‘tent builder’ and festival organiser

The black steel truss construction which distinguishes the structure itself was provided with fabrics that are silver-grey on the outside and black on the inside. This not only ensures a sleek look & feel, but helps lighting and special effects to come into their own. In addition, the structure has an integrated HVAC solution that ensures sufficient air circulation. The panels with the highly recognisable Rock Werchter branding can be attached directly to the new structure. An all-in-one solution tailored to the festival organiser.


“We wanted to come up with something new. We were looking for a solution in which all technical requirements could be combined into one structure. The collaboration with Veldeman went smoothly and we are very proud of the result”, says Walter D’Haese, Production Director of Rock Werchter.


From festivals to film studios

The new structure will be named “EPIXX” at Veldeman and is part of the The Boxx® family, a structure brought onto the market by Veldeman in 2020. The term “epic” is commonly used in film studios and, in addition to the epic dimensions, the name also reflects the scope for which the structure can serve: From festivals to international theatre and production houses.

Hans Mertens, Veldeman Sales & Marketing Manager: “The structure will open new doors for the company and meet the high demands of large production houses.”

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