We Are FSTVL in Upminster, on the outskirts of London, is one of the key dance festivals in the UK.  The festival has won numerous awards to date, including: ‘Best New Festival 2013’ and ‘Best Dance Festival 2015’. The organisation was on the look-out for spacious festival tents that would do justice to light and sound.  The festival takes place on an airfield and has been dubbed the ‘Airfield of Dreams’ especially for the occasion.  So as to minimise disruption to air traffic, tight timing during assembly and dismantling will come into play.


The organisation opted for Veldeman’s TFS festival tent due to its enormous height and vast interior dimensions. Veldeman positioned 2 structures, one measuring 50m x 70m, and one measuring 40m x 90m.  Due to the tight timing, the two festival tents were assembled simultaneously.  To stand out at the festival, the festival tents were partially set up without roof structures.  Partly thanks to the TFS festival tent (that has been used for some years now), We Are FSTVL is able to differentiate itself from other festivals in the UK.