Our TFS festival tent: a must have at festivals

Festivals nowadays are not just about the music. You want to make the whole festival experience a really special event. Your ideal partner? Our TFS festival tent. With its impressive look and fine finish, this tent is the crowning glory at any festival.

Unique fabrics

The TFS festival tent it is a real eye-catcher with its silver fabrics. The silver outer covering reflects sunlight and this means the tents stays cooler for longer. The black colour inside means that no light gets through, and this is a great plus point for special lighting effects. Our transparent TFS is also a favourite choice with event organizers as it creates a magical outside feeling.

Larger than ever

With its aluminium framework, the TFS is able to span up to 60 metres. And length-wise, the tent can extend far beyond this. At present, our largest TFS festival tent measures 60 by 115 metres. Struggling to think what that is in real terms? This festival tent offers enough room to accommodate 17,000 festival-goers. Are you expecting to see more people than that? No problem, the TFS structure of this festival tent can easily be extended.

High roof load

There has been a trend recently for festival tents to have everything mounted in or suspended from the roof structure. Is a festival tent capable of bearing all that extra weight? With its great capacity to bear weight, our TFS is the ideal solution.


Safety is of course a primary concern. The fabrics of the TFS are tensioned both laterally and longitudinally. This means the tent can cope with wind gusts of up to 111 km/h. The tautly tensioned fabrics not only make the tent safer, they also make it aesthetically more pleasing.

TFS festival tents spotted

Pukkelpop, Rock Werchter and Lowlands are just some of the dozens of festivals which have already made use of our TFS tents. Are you interested in our crème de la crème in festival tents or perhaps you would like a little more information? Please do get in touch with us.

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