Rain or extreme sunshine? The weather is unpredictable… Every year masses of festival goers find shelter in our temporary structures. For the famous Awakenings festival in Halfweg (NL), Veldeman’s annual challenge since 2001 is to safely accommodate more than 40,000 visitors during two days in beautiful, comfortable and above all safe festival tents.


Every year, safety is an issue which is high on the list of priorities of the organisation. And the 3 impressive Veldeman TFS structures fit perfectly in this picture. Because of their high resistance to wind, snow, and suspension, they are the perfect festival tents. The high free interior space, combined with a standard black interior, are widely praised by many AV companies because acoustics, lighting and special effects come perfectly into their own in these tents.

With their unique shape and silver-black colours the tents fit extremely well in the atmosphere of the festival – a deliberate choice by the organization. Furthermore, this also means that they remain cool, even at tropical temperatures. The levelled stable cassette floor with a carrying capacity of 500 kg/m² makes the comfort of the dancing and jumping visitors complete. The Veldeman Mexico tent, with its exotic form, gives a completely separate styling note to Area A of the festival.