Tents for company anniversary Xidoor


To mark its 85-year anniversary, door manufacturer Xidoor threw a big party for its 750 employees and partners from both the Netherlands and abroad. Events agency Bylei was responsible for the organisation and worked alongside Veldeman, who supplied the tents for this company anniversary. The party took place in between the factory buildings on Xidoor’s own premises in Someren (NL). The useable space was limited, because during the assembly and disassembly of the tents, the operational activities had to be impeded as little as possible. Veldeman was asked to help find a solution.


Beforehand, Veldeman accompanied Bylei on various visits to the site in order to perform accurate measurements of the available surface area and to acquire detailed knowledge of the site. That was because, quite literally, every centimetre mattered. We therefore did not opt for the easiest solution, which was to erect a structure that was smaller than initially planned, but decided on the best solution. This turned out to be our TFS structure, the ultimate eye-catcher, which was partially transparent offering a wonderful view of the surrounding factory buildings. In addition to this large party tent, we also assembled a transparent aluminium hall as an entrance and various aluminium halls for catering and logistics space. Ahead of the event, we decided on the best possible location for our tent structures and marked this on the floor. This allowed Xidoor to temporarily move the routes taken by the fork-lift trucks. Thanks to meticulous planning, we were able to assemble our tents for this company anniversary in 5 days and disassemble them in 4 days.

It was a phenomenal evening, with spectacular entertainment and brilliant performances by, amongst others, Guus Meeuwis and Glennis Grace. Our TFS structure, which has often been used for concerts, was perfect for this customer’s requirements.