Tent structure company party Objective


Objective International offers standard software solutions for the optimisation of production and logistics operations. For the celebration of its 20th anniversary and the opening of a state-of-the-art new building, the company was looking for an appropriate tent structure. The structure had to be large enough for a reception area and a seated dinner, and a staff party on the last day of this three-day company party. The tent structure had to be connected with the new building and had to be darkened to create the right atmosphere for a musical performance.


Veldeman installed an attractive curved hall Arcada of 15m by 45m for this company party. The tent structure was equipped with modern solid panels and provided with loading and unloading platforms, a catering area and a walkway for artists. The hall was darkened by using blackout roof fabrics and black lining. For the connection with the building, the height of the doors had to be taken into account, which required a heightened hall and a custom made construction. Together with partners The Powershop, Deco-Fact, Coby, Soundfield and Diner Privé, Veldeman created a successful setting.