Tent rental for an event: 6 key things to remember

Tent rental for an event involves a great deal. However, by choosing a reliable partner you can rest assured everything will run smoothly. We have summarised 6 issues to bear in mind, to ensure a hassle-free rental.

Site accessibility

How accessible is your event site? Can lorries easily access it, is the terrain navigable, or will your preferred location raise some difficulties, do you think? Don’t worry though, we can overcome any challenge! We have erected many temporary structures in extremely challenging locations. Are you unsure about site accessibility? We are more than happy to visit the site to assess what measures need to be taken.

Will electricity and other facilities such as toilets and upholstery come into play? We can always incorporate these facilities into your tent rental for your event.

Rental period

What dates will you require your temporary structure for? Have you taken the assembly turnaround time into account? This will help us provide you with an immediate, clear schedule, as well as the right tent to match your needs.


How many guests do you anticipate will attend your event? What is planned: a dinner, dance party, concert …? Or a combination of activities? Describe your planned party down to the last detail, so we can provide you with the perfect tent rental for your event.


Will your event take place in the winter or summer? You might need heating, or a way to keep your tent nice and cool. We can offer a range of seasonal options to optimise your guests’ comfort in the tent, to help create the ultimate experience.

Permits and safety

Do you require a council permit to erect a temporary structure? Enquire in advance to avoid potential fines.  You can rest assured that all our tents comply with industry safety standards and are snow and fireproof.  We are ISO9001 and EN1090 accredited, which the quality of our products attests to.

Extra facilities

Besides hiring a tent for your event, you can also call upon us to provide a whole range of other facilities. Would you like a patio outside your tent? Will you require a cloakroom, toilets, entry vestibules or a kitchen? Just let us know, and we will get started.

We can also supply emergency lighting and fire safety facilities, such as emergency doors and signs, all in compliance with prevailing regulation.

The link between engineers and your tent

Do you use fixed subcontractors, such as lighting and sound engineers? Pass on their details so we can dovetail our schedules and ensure the assembly and dismantling stages of your event run without a hitch. We formulate a detailed schedule for you that includes all subcontractors.

If you do not use fixed subcontractors, we can hook you up with our partners. We act as an intermediary, so you have a single point of contact for all your needs. Well organised and hassle free!

The ultimate partner for your event

Overwhelmed by everything event organisation entails? As your partner we can take care of everything for you. We have all the required expertise and know-how at our fingertips. Please get in touch if you’d like more information about tent rental for an event. We embrace any challenge!

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