Tent heating: what are the options?

That big event is fast approaching. There is a nip in the air now and you don’t want your guests shivering. We will go over the options for heating your tent.

Holding an event during the cold winter months? In that case, having tent heating is essential. The right solution depends on a number of factors.

Main points

It depends on whether the event is a formal diner, a buffet, a conference or a trade fair. Each event requires a specific heating solution. The volume of air that needs to be heated, the time of the year, the aesthetic expectations and basic functionality are just a few factors we take into account to provide suitable tent heating.

Air heating

We often recommend using an oil-fired heating system. The heating installation is located outside the tent. Flexible hoses feed the warm air to heating outlets located in the tent.

Want to step up a level? Then a system of air ducts and vents suspended in the roof adds extra comfort. These stainless steel ducts have small vents which distributes the heat evenly. This system ensures an ideal temperature is maintained.

Electric tent heating

This type of heating solution is ideal for smaller spaces. These include reception areas, entrance hall tents, toilet facilities and cloakrooms. One thing to think about here, is whether the electrical supply can cope with the demand.

Heat pumps

Heat pumps are being used far more often now. This technology allows us to keep tents cool in the height of summer. The equipment also allows large areas to be heated. Heat pumps can be used from April to November. During the winter months we opt for oil-fired heating systems. Heat pumps demand quite considerable amounts of electrical energy.


So, there really is a solution for every type of event. The challenge we were recently faced with at the Royal Opera House (la Monnaie), proves the point. Dramatic silences during an opera must never be interrupted by the heating system. Special sound barriers and whisper-quiet heaters provided the solution in this case.

Tent heating: lets us know what your requirements and expectations are

When it comes to tent heating, we will search for the right solution for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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