Tent for conference TEDxCERN


For the celebration of its 60th anniversary, CERN was looking for tents for several events. These tents were going to be used for the TEDxCERN conference. An important requirement was that the tents for the conference had to have a black interior. There was also a requirement for additional, temporary space for reception, a press area, first aid, security checks and an access route. The project security requirements were very strict.


After an international pitch, CERN chose Veldeman. Among other factors that ensured Veldeman could win this prestigious project were the great advantages offered by our TFS-structure which was used for the conference tent.  The TFS is characterised by a unique arched shape, really spacious indoor area, great weight-bearing capacity, black interior and silver outer surfaces. In total, Veldeman erected 6,000 m² of tents that were not only used for the conference, but also for concerts, films, lectures, demonstrations and exhibitions that were all inspired by science.