Temporary warehouse Ravago


Ravago, a global player in the distribution, recycling and production of plastics ranging from granulates to finished products required extra storage space. The Ravago Group logistics centre is located in Lommel (Belgium) and stores around 30,000 m² of goods. To organise their logistics more efficiently, they opted to expand the storage capacity at their existing site. For this an extra storage space of 5000 m² would be required.


Veldeman turned out to be the ideal partner to facilitate a temporary warehouse on the existing site. We constructed two warehouses: a big one of 30m x 135m, and a smaller one of 25m x 40m. The roof fabrics were provided with interior fabrics to capture condensation and channel it to the side walls of the temporary warehouse. This way condensation could be avoided. Furthermore, we installed three sliding gates and an electric, remote-controlled roller door for easy access. We also arranged for lighting and safety (emergency lighting, pictograms, fire extinguishers …). When constructing the warehouses we took the loading and unloading bays into account so as not to impede vehicular access into and out of the site. The project was completed within a week.