Calling all trade fair organizers! Have you thought about having a trade fair in a temporary structure?

Are you looking for a suitable covered area for your trade fair? Or perhaps you need some extra space so you can extend your trade fair? Then come and see Veldeman. We have a wide range of trade fair tents, ranging from temporary structures catering areas and corridors to entrance hall tents. Whatever your needs, large or small, we will be pleased to work with you to help organize your next trade fair.

Renting a temporary trade fair structure: the advantages

Renting a temporary trade fair structure has a lot advantages. The biggest advantage is that you can build a temporary trade fair on a location of your choice. This means you can organize a trade fair at a unique location or you can also extend an existing trade fair building.

Another advantage is the flexibility as regards size. Perhaps you don’t know in advance how many exhibitors will be attending. We can adapt the size of the trade fair to match the number of people who register. Our skilled builders will erect and dismantle the tent in no-time.

You may already have a trade fair building but work is being carried out in it. The ideal solution for this is to rent a temporary trade fair structure. We will be pleased to take care of your temporary logistic challenges.

Flexibility of space

Are you suffering from a lack of space? Thanks to our extensive range, we can offer solutions in all dimensions (height, width and length) for your trade fair structure. For example, think of high-roofed corridors connecting two buildings, multi-story tents when space is at a premium or broad, unsupported covering spans which offer all sorts of possibilities for your exhibitors.

Logistical applications

Would you like all logistical aspects to run smoothly during the trade fair? Then you could think about having separate areas for security checks. Or you could use an entrance hall tent to facilitate a smooth circulation of guests in the trade fair itself. You might also consider having external catering areas for the people attending.

Finishing touches                                                                                                 

How far do you want to go with finishing touches? That’s entirely up to you. We offer a total solution including flooring, furnishings, lighting, heating, stand construction, etc. Feel free to set us a challenge because we are always ready to take it on.

Questions for a Veldeman advisor

Our professionals think along with you and are happy to shape your plans.