Temporary storage tents Volvo Group


In July 2023 the first electric lorry produced in Belgium rolled off the production line at Volvo Group in Ghent. A first! Production was gradually increased in the months that followed.

For the spare parts required for this new production Volvo needed extra storage space. In anticipation of the construction of a new warehouse, Volvo Group called on Veldeman for temporary storage tents.


In April 2023 we built the first SOLID hall measuring 40m wide and 60m long. Two additional SOLID halls followed a few months later, measuring 15m by 60m and 30m by 40m. With a side wall height of 6m, the halls offer plenty of stacking space. The side walls consist of single-walled profiled steel sheet. The roof is fitted using high-quality translucent fabric to take advantage of natural daylight. As for access, in total 9 doors and 9 electric roller gates were installed. In addition, Veldeman provided this total solution with energy-efficient LED lighting and safety features such as emergency lighting, emergency signs and fire extinguishers.

The temporary storage tents will be used for a minimum period of 2 years.