Temporary shop Delhaize Ekeren


For its branch in Ekeren, Delhaize opted to construct an entirely new and modern complex on the site of the existing supermarket.  The turnaround time to dismantle the old building and construct the new shop was estimated at one year. To continue serving its customers in the meantime, Delhaize chose to provide a temporary solution on a site close by in Brasschaat. The supermarket chain had used our temporary shops for previous projects, so promptly wended their way to us. The challenge this project posed was to attain maximum use of the limited space available.


Veldeman constructed an elevated 1,200 m² alu hall for Delhaize. The space was subdivided into shop and warehouse spaces. To maximise on-site space we decided to build upwards, by adding an upper level.  This included sanitary facilities, offices, meeting spaces, a canteen and other staff areas. Veldeman took care of the entire interior lay-out of the temporary shop: state-of-the-art LED lighting, air conditioning, heating, requisite safety provisions such as emergency lighting and fire extinguishers ….thus ensuring a comfortable shopping experience for their customers in anticipation of a new shop that promised to be among the most contemporary designed Delhaize sites in the country.