Temporary retail store: how can we guarantee the best comfort for your customers?

A temporary retail store may not seem ideal for your customers because they would prefer to shop in familiar surroundings. However, we will work with you and do all in our power to ensure your customers’ shopping experience is as pleasant as possible. Having a comfortable temperature and good lighting play a major part in this.

Opting to have a temporary retail store offers several advantages. The temporary structures can be built quickly and from a logistics point of view everything is simpler, since we can build it close to your shop; for example, in your car park.

But apart from the practical aspects, you will naturally be concerned about the comfort of your customers. Because if they have to shiver or sweat in a poorly lit shop, they will soon get fed up and look for a more congenial place.


A pleasant indoor temperature is 20° to 23°C. To achieve this ideal temperature we need to ask two vital questions.

  1. When will your temporary retail store open its doors?
  2. How long does your temporary retail store stay open?

Lovely and cool

In the summer you need to keep your store nice and cool. Good ventilation can help you do that. From 1 May we will be supplying a heat pump as standard. A heat pump can cool and heat.

The disadvantage of a heat pump is that it needs a large power input. For this reason, we always work with equipment that recuperates the air in the temporary retail store. This air is already better conditioned than the hot or cold outside air. The result is that the heat pump doesn’t have to work as hard and thus uses less energy.

Warm and cosy.

The alternative to a heat pump is a conventional oil-fired heating system. Just like the heat pump, the entire installation is located outside. The air is distributed in the same way, using ventilation ducts. The result is a well balanced distribution of heat.


No need for your customers to grope around in darkness We are exaggerating a bit here, but you do need more than a couple of 40 watt bulbs strung up to provide proper lighting.

Lighting plan

How do we approach this vital part of your temporary retail store? On the basis of your sales plan, we decide what type of lighting you need where, and which locations may need extra lighting. The end result is a good distribution of lighting with an overall brightness of 800 LUX.

Cable ducting

The lighting is fitted to the cable ducts. These ducts are needed to route all the cabling for your fridges, deep freezes and cash tills and keep it out of sight. This is all part of the service we provide. We can provide a one-stop-shop for everything your temporary retail store needs. We offer a turnkey-solution, so you don’t need to worry about coordinating the complete process.


More to comfort than just heating and indoor lighting.

  • We take care of proper outside lighting as well.
  • We also install an electric sliding door and an anti-slip ramp to provide safe and easy access.
  • We will build a covered area so your shopping trolleys won’t get wet.

In short: everything to optimize your customers’ shopping experience.

Lets us know more about the challenges you face.

Just like you, we set the bar high when it comes to customer comfort. So please come and talk to us – we can arrange everything for you.

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