Temporary industrial hall DHL Aviation


DHL Aviation is the sorting centre of DHL Express and is located at Brucargo, the freight department of Brussels Airport. Shipments are delivered from all over the world by lorry or plane, sorted by destination and then transported to distribution centres.

Pending renovations, DHL Aviation needed a temporary industrial hall to buffer containers with shipments before they are loaded onto lorries. The dimensions of the hall had to be adapted to the available space in order to make optimal use of it. It was also important to have sufficient headroom for the containers.


Veldeman developed a custom SOLID hall: 22m wide, 19m long and a side height of 3,7m, fitted with high-quality PVC fabric. The hall was equipped with special decks over which the containers can easily be rolled, so that they do not have to be lifted off the ground when loading. DHL Aviation is absolutely satisfied with the temporary solution that fully meets their needs.