Temporary opera house Monnaie Palace


Because of renovation works, the Théâtre Royal de la Monnaie in Brussels needed temporary shelter in an exceptionally short term. The temporary hall, consisting of a reception room and opera hall, not only had to provide the visitors with all comforts in order to create the necessary experience, but the requirements for the acoustics and finish were also exceptionally high. An additional requirement was a high interior space in the temporary hall, so large pieces of scenery and stands could be placed. The planned opera productions would take place in the temporary opera house for a period of at least 9 months.


Veldeman came with a quick and qualitative customized solution and built the Monnaie Palace on the Tour & Taxis site, a TFS structure of 3,200 m² with a capacity of 1,100 people. A two floor tent of 25 m by 40 m serves as lobby and VIP room. The gable is a true eye catcher, it is beautifully personalised and refers to fronton of la Monnaie in the centre of Brussels. Comfort will certainly not be lacking for the visitors of the Monnaie Palace. For instance a stylish transition was made from the lobby to the opera hall. Thanks to the huge interior space of the TFS the acoustics could be improved by means of special upholstery. The theatre arrangement and large free span without centre supports in the temporary hall guaranteed the opera fans a perfect view of the stage. All possible means were used to reduce noise disturbance to a minimum. For instance, a 4 layer floor system was chosen, consisting of a classic wooden cassette floor covered with a sound absorbing carpet, structured particle boards for the strength and weight of the stands and stylish carpet tiles as finishing touch. A quiet system was also chosen for the heating in the temporary hall.