Temporary auditorium for ULB


The’Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) was on the lookout for a temporary auditorium to accommodate 500 students. The space had to be divisible into two rooms, each having a capacity of 250 people. The temporary auditorium was to be used for a period of four years. After those four years, it had to be possible to restore the campus site to its original state. The general contractor, SBMI, approached Veldeman for the construction of this temporary auditorium.


Veldeman built a SOLID structure of 20m by 35m with 6m high sidewalls. The structure was fitted with double roof fabrics and insulated 60mm sandwich panels for the walls and facades. By installing an intermediate facade consisting of panels, 2 separate auditoriums can be created, which are separated by a central corridor. Veldeman also supplied the stands, emergency stairs, flooring and 500 chairs with writing tables. In addition, a technical room was set up with air conditioning and plumbing. The entire construction was placed on precast concrete floor slabs that can be easily removed at the end of the project.