Temporary accommodation for the petrochemical industry: our solutions during shutdowns

Temporary accommodation is in the petrochemical industry the ideal solution for creating extra space. There are three specific applications. Did you know that you can turn to Veldeman for all three of them? A word of explanation. 

  1. Temporay accommodation during shutdowns

During a shutdown in the petrochemical sector, regular maintenance is carried out on the installations. This maintenance is often carried out by a third party and can involve up to a thousand workers being employed on site. There is thus a need for provision of facilities to house people and equipment on the company site.

Petrochemical companies naturally want to offer the same facilities that their own staff have, with suitable facilities. For this application temporary accommodation for the petrochemical sector offers an excellent solution. We can build temporary accommodation for you, equipped with all possible facilities:

– a solid floor;
– insulation;
– HVAC (heating and air conditioning)
– lighting;
– washroom facilities;
– security;
– furniture;
– locker rooms;
– catering facilities.

For BASF we built temporary accommodation during a shutdown.

  1. Temporary covering of installations

When work has to be carried out on installations that are open to the elements, you may need to erect a temporary cover. This is to ensure the work is carried out in dry conditions at set temperatures. Our temporary accommodation guarantees that the work can be carried out under optimum conditions.

  1. Extra storage space

A major maintenance programme normally involves the need for additional storage space. Temporary accommodation for the petrochemical industry is an ideal solution for storing the extra materials and equipment used during maintenance. You can use the storage space for as long as the work continues. As soon as work has been completed, then it can be rapidly dismantled.

A single point of contact

Three different applications of temporary accommodation for the petrochemical industry and you only need to have one point of contact: Veldeman. From preparation, planning, coordination to follow-up. What if the work goes on longer than expected? No worries, our fabric structure rental contracts are very flexible.

And you can rest assured, we understand the importance of security in the petrochemical sector. As a company, we are VCA ** certified and we leave nothing to chance. Our primary concern is that everything runs smoothly and is safe and secure.

Our temporary accommodation for the petrochemical industry could be the solution for you

Interested in our solutions? Fabric structures are the perfect solution for the petrochemical sector.Contact us for further information, we will be pleased to provide further details. No challenge is too big for us.

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